Because I have nothing better to do

Behold the Artemis Mobile.


Looks like I have my work cut out for me.


ST Pattys day in VA

Look who loves her new toy…

It’s a glorious St Pattys day here in VA!

We took a nice walk around the lake with the family.

Took a few pics we several generations of the family.

Then Yiayia took Mox home to play while we headed to the plaza.

I had heard so much about a new children’s store naturally I headed over to check it out. Per usual baby was a winner and came home with a few items:

I think she’s in love.

Off to see what the night may bring. We are going to try to get out and have a green beer while Mox hangs with the ‘rents.

I’m pretty sure she’ll be in good hands.


Week 39

And still pregnant…

At 38 weeks a one of my doctors and midwives said “Okay, well if we see you back next week”

I thought to myself, “If?” This baby still has a week to bake, we still have a million things to do!

Although in the back of my mind I have been a ticking time bomb for weeks.

But this week, the idea she could come at any moment became VERY,VERY real. It also happens to be the same week as Christmas. So friends and family I send my apologies but most likely the only gift you will be receiving will be this baby. I simply can’t wrap my mind around tying up all the loose ends around the house and Christmas shopping. In fact I think it was just last week I realized Christmas was a mere week away.

This week when leaving our appointment, all I could think to myself was “If we are back next week”

Week 39:

I can’t say I feel any less pregnant! She has yet to drop but nonetheless things are just getting a bit more difficult. Little things like walking, breathing, getting dressed. You know, nothing that you have to do on the daily or anything. Thankfully I pretty much have the best husband on the planet. He is more than patient with me in many ways and trust me I am definitely requiring some patience.

We had our usual monitoring this week, nothing to report. She is doing well with her nose to my uterus!

Overall I am feeling quite nervous and somewhat anti-social. We have had several lunches out this week one of which was with Scotts co-workers but other than that I have been pretty content to stay in. I also think I am coming down with a cold. Which I would say seems rather ill-timed. I am still going to bed every night with the wondering of whether this could be the night. Limbo.


Other than being anti-social and not feeling up to par my mood has been okay. I have so much on my mind between the anxiety of giving birth and making sure everything gets done, I still can’t seem to carry on much of a conversation.
In short, if you are my friend I apologize for my lack of verbage and concentration.


Let’s just say, if I didn’t have to eat, I probably wouldn’t. Nothing sounds good, even worse, nothing tastes good and please don’t ask me to make a decision concerning food. If it were up to me I would eat cereal, chocolate chips and have an on call cook. It is somewhat like the first trimester where I don’t so much mind eating it but I don’t want to cook it.

Overall Signs of labor:

Zero. She likes her home.

I haven’t opted to be checked for dilation just yet but when I was measured, she did say I would probably be a few days late, so we will see how it all goes! She also checked her size and thought she would be on track to being well over 7.5 by the time she arrives.

Random baby items purchased:

Infinite. I truly have lost track. Although I think a Blabla doll and some Kate Quinn pants were amongst the haul.

Random gifted items:

Monogrammed onesie and blanket and a snowsuit.

Overall weight gained thus far:

11 lbs. My weight was actually done 3lbs this week but we discovered it was half shoes. The other half, I haven’t the slightest. My midwife actually spoke the words “Go have a milkshake”

Lady, I didn’t drink them before and I don’t intend to start now. I-Scream and a brownie however, now we are talking.

Vacation starts this week for Scott, so cross our fingers we are able to get some things accomplished before little one heads our way.

Like finishing the nursery..

Week 38

*Skipping ahead from the stick to the final weeks of the whole shebang. I promise to continue not only part 2 but as much of the last 9 months in as much detail as I can recall. Luckily I take a lot of pictures and write the husband a lot of emails. Let’s just hope I don’t encounter too much pregnancy brain along the way!

Week 38:

I am very pregnant and feeling it. Although my total weight gain has been low don’t think it makes this belly any less heavy or awkward. I still bump into to things and drop food on it constantly. And as much as I have loved having her right here I am ready to hug Scott stomach to flat stomach.

38 weeks and 2 days: As of today I am officially 12 days from my due date. She is guesstimated to be 7.5 lbs with everything in place and properly positioned for departure.

Due to all our heart monitoring visits we have gotten to see her little face quite a few times. I still can’t believe there is a little human in my belly. One that I have grown! Wrapping my mind around that is much more than I can process, especially as it draws closer and closer. My brain has one focus these days: Baby, Baby, Baby.
What do we still need? What I should be doing? She has to come out of me?! And what was I doing again? I have a full on case of “pregnancy brain”.

How am I feeling?: I go from energetic to flat-out exhaustion in no time at all. Then I find myself wondering should I be reveling in the final days of couch time? Or should I force myself to keep going and going? So far I have tried to find a balance of both. Getting out for lunches and errands like the grocery store etc but also spending time on the computer, watching TV and if need be, napping. I will say every night I go to bed thinking we could wake up at any time and then life as we know it will be forever changed.

I have also noticed a lower than even my lowered pregnancy tolerance for those around me. Most of this week I have just felt like most people I encounter are truly ignorant. They don’t know how to act and they really don’t know how to drive. Annoyance levels are at an all time high and almost no one is spared from my wrath. Then there are my demands. On more than one occasion I have told Scott I simply want him at my beck and call at.all.times. And as selfish and ridiculous as that is, he makes it happen.

Can’t say I have any cravings at this point. Not that I really have throughout the last 9 months. I will say my one main problem is when I see something, like brownies for example, I must have them. Then I am over it and can move forward. Cereal has also been a big winner. My favorite combination involves Ezekial cereal, soy milk, frozen blueberries (the key ingredient) topped with Cheerios. When nothing else sounds good that is my go to.

Signs of labor:
I have read through the signs enough to be aware but not paranoid. Most of said signs I am not feeling.

Dropping: I have not dropped, at least not noticeably. I had some random pressure like pain last night and thought maybe she had dropped but judging by my belly I would say she is still riding high.

Contractions: During my monitoring on Monday, my Dr told me I had contractions. Did I feel them? Not at all. Now I did notice a bit of a crampy feeling later that day. Was what I felt contractions? Maybe. I honestly have not figured out what Braxton Hicks are supposed to feel like.

I have opted out of being checked for dilation just yet. We are seeing a midwife group and they don’t check you unless you want them to do so. My thoughts are why know when it ultimately won’t change anything. You can be dilated for weeks with no action. No need to make me feel like more of a ticking time bomb than I am!

Baby odds and ends:

Ordered pink booties to go with her “coming home outfit”

Aches and pains:

Many. I can’t lay on the couch without having to be hoisted up. Just rolling over has become quite the ordeal and forget getting out of bed in the middle of the night without uttering the word “ow” multiple times. I also get short of breath while doing mundane things or sometimes nothing. Not too mention laying on my back for sonograms is a recipe for blackout disaster.

Not that it is all bad, tonight I decided to test out the belly as a soup holder.

Passed with flying colors.

Now it is off to bed for us, got to sleep while we still can!

Random quote of the day:
I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them. — Anne Rice

It all started with a little stick


, ,

April 24th, 2011. Easter Sunday.

Well maybe that’s not how it “started” but it was a definite game changer, not to mention quite the “surprise”

Let’s backtrack a bit.

It was a cold night in March, or was it a balmy night in early April I have no clue nor should you want to know. It truly was more like a car ride to Dallas, saying that I mean that is when the seed was planted in our heads.

Me: So I am having this random pain in my lower right side. Sorta stabbing and a bit unrelenting.
S: You are late right?
Me: Um, ya about 3 days
S: Hmm, followed by silence.

Okay may not have been total silence but there was some definite processing going on.

Next day I do what any 31 year old woman would do, I call my best friend who is states away and head to the store where I purchase not one, but two little white sticks. In the meantime I email boyfriend asking if he would like to be present for said experiment involving both urine and plastic. He says yes, and I may have a drink in my hand.

Fair enough as I would have liked to have had a drink in mine.

Because we are procrastinators we wait until the very end of the evening to see wherein our fate lies. In fact at this point my feeling that I will see the “yes” is so strong I really don’t need to see the answer.

I take it, I wrap it in toilet paper, I lay it on the bed in between the two of us. One little white stick with all the answers. We go back and forth for what feels like hours. Finally the paper is pulled only to reveal our answer:

“There it is”

Those may have been the only words spoken for the next half hour.

From that we cried a bit, talked a lot and slept next to none.

To be continued…

Baby Nursery Take 1

The crib….

Has arrived.

There was much crib related discussion between myself and Husband. And also of course myself and EVERYONE who would listen. What my heart, okay my champagne taste wanted was this:

Too bad our baby budget didn’t agree.

The compromise:

As featured on project nursery.

My only real hesitancy was the color. Otherwise the Walmart crib is supposed to be non-toxic, not made of particle board etc. All the things you want, so your baby isn’t swimming in toxicity. I was just terrified the color was going to end up more blue than gray. And our little girls room is already gray with a hint of blue. And by hint sometimes I just want to flick my wrist, instantly repainting it a lesser blue-gray. But the color has such a fabulous name: Dior Gray. And everyone knows you pick a color based on its name (when you are me) I do think once it comes together as a whole all will be just fine. No sense in drowning her in total pink-ness right?!

More to come hopefully this weekend after it is fully assembled and not simply still in a semi dismembered box of which someone couldn’t stand not to open. The only problem being is that same someone is not “allowed” to lift heavy items.

Guess that’s what husbands are for.

25 weeks, 3 days but who’s counting

Little M will be here before you know it. Especially before we know it. Time has flown. I am 6.5 months pregnant. 6.5?! How did we get here?!

Don’t really answer that!

Seems like only yesterday, I was drinking beer, staying out late and complaining I was “fat”

These days, my drink of choice is water, my eyes start closing by 11 and rotund seems to describe my belly best. And this time it is not just in my head.

I even bought a Fit Pregnancy at Whole Foods yesterday. Fit pregnancy, sounds like an oxymoron. Not too mention is a total ripoff for an actual subscription, you are after all, only pregnant 9 months. Well closer to 10 but who is really counting?! Nonetheless I am a sucker for mags, and Lucky seems not to be striking my demographic of late.

But the joys of watching my belly move in mysterious ways while lying in bed at night, is one I can’t describe.

Of course there is the fear of the actual birthing process. We can credit “Knocked Up” for emblazoning the look of sheer terror on every womans face. Screaming. Check. Obvious dire pain. Check. Crowning baby head. Check. Check. Check.

Visualize your birth going smoothly, it’s that simple right? Jessica Alba said hers was a zen like experience. Giselles water birth didn’t hurt a bit. Who are these women?! Let’s be honest here, I try to see myself in a state of ignorant bliss but when it comes right down to it, you have to accept the fact it is probably going to hurt and it may not go according to plan. As much as I want a natural birth and have spent months researching all the in’s/out’s, when it comes down to it if baby is in distress I know I won’t care how she gets here, so long as she gets here safely.


Fruit. I bought every kind and type offered at Central Market today. And if you have been to CM you know that is saying a lot. Chocolate has finally come back into the picture. I spent the first few months of pregnancy disgusted at the very thought but it has finally worked it’s way back into my diet. In moderation of course.

Aversions: Meat. Of all kinds. I can still do some fish of sorts but otherwise meat is off the radar. Not that I was a super meat fan to begin with. In fact my mom is and was a vegetarian when she was pregnant with me. I was born 8.9lbs. So I feel okay with taking meat out and just listening to my body for other protein sources.

Aches/Pains: Pretty consistent tailbone/sciatic pain. Not much I have found that helps that. I stay active but could probably stand some yoga in my life.

Energy/Mood: Overall good. I have a little less energy than normal but nothing that has affected my day-to-day routine too much. Although I do fall asleep earlier at night. As for my mood, I am usually quite tolerant however I found that those levels are fall less these days. And crying spells happen and for not too much reason. Like maybe when your husband says he is going to help someone move for a bit. And he is only going down the street. That is total reason to cry. I think anyone would agree.

Weight gained: 5-6 lbs I don’t officially look pregnant just bloated. Although I swore to Scott the other day I did in fact look pregnant. Most people however can’t tell.

Odds and Ends:

We are in the process of switching to a Doctor Midwife group. I love my doctor but really desire a natural birth, which he is fine with but who knows who will be on call in the throes of the Holidays. We have interviewed one group and the hospital that goes with and will be interviewing the other group next week.
I am confidant we will both feel more at ease with midwives no matter the group.

Off for a chilly walk, then to start my day!

Baby lust list:

Let’s talk expensive. Let’s talk about Orbit.

I am obsessed with this stroller/car seat combo.

Here are the compressed stats:

*It’s green. Which means no weird toxins will be encountering your little one.

*It installs in 30 seconds and of course meets all the FMVSS standards.

*You can rotate baby 360 degrees.

*It is made from Aerospace grade aluminum which makes it light and it folds easily.

The list of fabulous is endless of course with a hefty price tag to boot, but I am obsessed with it and am going to give Craigslist a shot to see if we can find it for less. But if not we have a shower coming soon (hint Mom, Dad, Family and Friends!)

Of course all this fabulous-ness comes with a hefty price tag but I think if we look hard enough we can find a nice one on Craigs. And if not we have a shower coming soon, are you listening Family/Friends?!

Until then it’s back to the never-ending crib hunt.