My dad is a man of few words, at least with me. I think he just has no idea what to do with me. Like a little greek alien. Hmmmm, well maybe we should talk to her? Nah, she can just sit here and wonder what we are thinking.


I do love him more than life itself. He is incredibly stubborn, yet a wealth of knowledge. He gave me more than his greek blood, he has instilled in me a work ethic like no other, a conscience, honesty, the list goes on.

The past few years have been rather tumultuous, so when he asked me to dinner although I wasn’t in the mood, I accepted. It was fantastic, a little awkward. It was dinner with my dad, thats all that matters.


dinna 001


dinna 002


dinna 004


When the day comes, I am not sure what I will do without that man.