Black Friday? Not in our family instead of the long lines and fighting with strangers we prefer the tree farm and fighting with each other.

And it goes a little something like this..

Meet up at tree farm. Someone is inevitably late, get apple cider, wish it were spiked. Act surprised when my sister shows up with random boy du jour, smile introduce myself, silently judge him. Walk ahead of everyone so that I  may roll my eyes at my sisters “good behavior” secretly wish that behavior would last until tree is picked out.  Judge trees, this time not so silently. Everyone has an opinion, no one seems to agree, slug cider, make note, next year bring flask…

Tree is picked, bags are packed, I’m leaving on a jet….oh wait that’s right, next stop hay ride.

Evidence 08

Evidence 09

Seems the sister not only lost the boy from last year but gained one. I’m not saying she a golddigger..

Real farmer=Real hayride

Playing nice

I'm a lonely little tree in a big tree patch

Token Maria shot

I needed some flair..

At this point we may or may not still be on speaking terms, exit hay ride to the right, head to moms where the real fun begins

Once the tree is lit like Rockefeller center, we don our gay apparel and decorate away. We might also bicker a bit and by bit I mean a lot, sometimes it may escalate to such intensity boobs get drawn on ornaments. Dont ask, just imagine.

This is her "special" face

Poster child for birth control all grown up

Tree decorated, Hair still in tact, That my friends is true success.