I won’t kid myself by greeting all my fellow readers, I will simply greet myself  ;p

It’s seems some time has flown since I was feeling chit chatty about my so called life.

Here we are December 1st, 2009. Yowza, seriously how did that happen?!!!

Lets do a long winded, yet readers digest version of the past month…

Yes, I made Kyle  “Edward” for Halloween, he loved it!!! Ok, well I am sure he secretly loved it…..if I remember correctly his words were “Maria made me be the gay vampire from Twilight” To which his friend say “Ya, man the vamp from True Blood is so much cooler” Score.

Saw my Sissa sing, sing , sing.  Anyone who knows her, knows she has been screaming for attention since birth, could she have picked a better outlet?!

Took pictures of food, for no reason at all.

Took pictures of “the boyfriend” for no reason at all…..Rrrrroooooowwwwwwww….

Made drool worthy puppy food….

Discovered the awesome sticky note Iphone app, obviously I used it wisely.

Drank tea on my porch like the good little Southern girl I am

Keep my promise of balance and had some vino as well…Gave Carrie Annabelle Francesca a much needed bath

Greek Church Dancers, shaking it to Blackeyed Peas Pump it. There are so many things I could say about that. Use your twisted imaginations.

If only it were in my size, I would be rocking that tee

That is my dad and the Steeple he was plotting to steal.

Set out on a journey led by “Bruce Edward Cullen”

Satellite Radio taught me I still know every word to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s Parents just don’t understand.

Drove and Drove..You have arrived at your destination.Look how happy John was to see me, although he did later say he should have smiled in that picture….

I am going to save a few pics for separate posts, so that brings us to today.

Ready for this exciting re-cap?!

Awoke. It was C.O.L.D

Here in Texas anything below 60 is winter, temps never got above 5o. Naturally I broke out the Uggs.

Breakfast was apropo

To work I went and home I came to tackle my scantily clad tree…No worries, I dressed her up but I surely cant take her out

Coffee Tables need love too

Happy Holidays indeed

Happy Holiday indeed

The puppies helped

After all that work, I needed a cold oneAfter all that work I needed a cold one…

I am now drinking  Cinnamon Vanilla Dream hot tea with a touch of Promised land cinnamon vanilla milk…heading toward bed, because thats what all the cool kids do on a Tuesday night  😉