Title says it all.

Today was one of those nada damn thang happened of significance sorta days.  So, lets re-hash it anyway.

I slept till 9! Who am I? For the less aware out there I am one of those weird late night/early riser people, yes I know it makes no sense, it’s one of the many contradictions I tend to display.

After mulling around the house, getting ready for the day, the Mumsy stopped in to say Hi. Or so it seemed until she asked to jack my Fendi and overnight bag for her Austin bound self this weekend. Governors Mansion Ball. Blah blah blah… Moms they can be so sneaky…

Next stop work, once again blah blah blah…then it was Twin Time take two, except unlike yesterdays agenda there was less shopping, more gym. Blech. I  have to say afternoon workouts aint my thang. 45 minutes later we were out like trout and dreaming of dinner.

One stop shop Central Market fixed that. Rotisserie Chicken, check. Salad supplies, check. One very, flirty and inquisitive cashier, check, check.

We headed to Twins house for a pre dinner salad gathering with her boy toy. When I say boy toy I mean Mr Army Andrew. He was nice, tall and ate all his vegetables. Whats not to like? Score Sian.  😉

Dinner at home was a very healthy plate of apples, warm PB, humus and chicken. Perhaps with a few Marys crack on the sly.

There you have it, my picture less wonderland of all things typical in the life of Ria.

I am off to practice being lazy like it’s my J-O-B.

So glad you could come along for the ride.