Texas and football seemingly go hand in hand. Like Peanut butter and Jelly, Bert and Ernie, Gucci and Cristal….

Ok, I made my point.  So its Saturday night, football is on and we are watching it. Oh how lucky can one girl be…

Rundown of my day, Dog walker, Plate deliverer, dog feeder. Now I am couch sitting, blog reading, internet surfing, trying to ignore all this boy talk around me, oh wait I mean trying to be “cool” and hang with the guys… My version of hanging is chiming in from time to time and nibbling on chocolate chips…I am hardcore…

Picture recap of my day coming right up…

My dad rocks wooden shoes..

Winner Winner Salad Dinner

Game Face

I'd rather watch the tree

One fierce Elf..

Time to “watch” the game
Hook Em!!