My Sundays are just like any other day. Kinda like my every other days, seems to go hand in hand with that 7 day work week thing..


I digress, First things first Sunday morning, Haven’t mentioned it on here but my Twinnie and friends chartered a jet to Taos, NM. I was invited but declined. Yes, I have kicked myself several times, thank you. Moving right along, since Twinnie went on without me, I offered to help take care of Ivan

PB Kongs are his crack

He is just as sweet as he is beautiful!!

After doing Auntie Doggie Duty, it was off to work.  Since that’s not worth mentioning, we will skip to the after party.

Further proof you can be both Bubbly and a B@*tch all at once

Whats a game without, pizza, chips and a little bubbly.  Yep, that’s how I roll.

The Cowboys either forgot this was a real game or just remembered it was December and that’s how they roll. Good news is sucky game equaled new screen for my iPhone, bad news is in said process the lcd got cracked. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful new glass, with a slight disfiguration to the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left….

Have I ever mentioned my head is most like a jukebox on random…

What I find most bizarre about the phone surgery is the picture it took of itself

My ghost phone is cooler than your ghost phone

Clearly that was before the disfiguration, but what is more concerning to me is where that picture came from?!!

Oh well, potato, potato, tomato, tomato. That so doesn’t work out of song context…

Naturally the phone drama made me a bit snackfacey

Once you go crack, you can't go back

That deliciousness was inhaled. Classy.

Cowboys lose, I leave and head to Whole Foods where the world is my Coffee bar.

WF Coffee hippy- What would you like?

Me- What kind of milk do you have?

WF Coffee Hippy- Any kind you would like…

Me- Anykind?

WF Coffee Hippy- Yessssssss

Me- Coconut milk? ( I may have been jumping up and down a bit)

WF Coffee Hippy- Ok, no problem

I had to refrain from squeezing the life out of her with happiness, lucky for her I didn’t want to ruin her dreads, she then might have ruined my Coffee. 😉

That's my happy cup

And she didn’t even ask if I wanted vanilla in that (That is for you Mr. Arkansas Mickey D’s man)

Note the $7.99 Brownies in the background, Self control was kept and they stayed there with all their brownie buddies.

While shopping I realized, the origin of my grocery store love. Shopping. So simple and so true. If it involves shopping, there is a slight possibility I will ❤ it.

Spoken like a true addict.