Well Heidy HO!!

I have had a rather jam-packed day. Was it fun? It wasn’t slap your grandma silly fun, more like hug your stinky pug fun.

Instead of am gym I decided to tackle painting the trim on my kitchen door.

What doesn't everyone engage in a little pre work painting fun?

Work was productive, I made some bread which I would have pictures of, if it weren’t for the unfortunate incident to follow…

You know that old saying, they don’t make them like they used to? That definitely includes Iphones… evidently when Iphones meet concrete floors disaster ensues..

It will be as if I'd never existed..

I needed reinforcements so I turned to the Twinnie ( luckily I had her business card , because who remembers phone numbers anymore?) After lunch together we decided to tackle the evils at the Apple store. Never let a woman do a job a mans job.  By that I mean, sometimes a woman just needs a man at which to bat her eyes and get her way, not a woman who is meh on the helpful front.  Mission Fail.  Off to the AT&T store, guess what another woman.  Blah, Blah, upgrade, blah, blah. $200 lighter, 2 hours later, Iphone in hand.

After all that drama, we felt Fro yo to be of order,So Fro Yo we got. We also had a little bidness to take care of for Twinnie, Boy bidness that is.  😉

So double drama done, the gym was calling our name. We inclined treadmilled to the tune of 2.5 miles, said our schweaty goodbyes and home for dinner I went.

The BF is working late and hitting up a soccer game, so my dinner was solo but I got in a good girl chat with the Bestie.

I am now off to spend a little time with the ole dvd player. (cough cough Edatz)

Now for the eighth wonder of the world..

Good night, sleep tight. Lets hope he bites... 😉