Well, I never thought I would be one of those people. You know the type, it gets cold they dress not for style but for comfort and warmth.  They are layered, gloved and worst of all offenses have on comfortable shoes….

Oh no she didn’t…

Well, yes I did.  It came to my attention this afternoon I have had on my Uggs everyday since last Friday, yes the weather outside has been frightful, but my style has been less than delightful. I may have to fashion an Ugg intervention!!!

Now that I got that off my chest…my day went a little something like this…

Stumble out of bed puffy eyed. Yes, puffy eyed. Seriously, who am I? I have not only lost my fashion sense but have also gained puffy eyes. Lame.

Get ready, make brekkie. A big bowl of Oat Bran topped with Coconut flakes, Dollop of AB and some Jelly.

Breakfast Part 1

Not my favorite bowl but I managed. Then guess what? I was still hungry. Awesome. Or not so much, but since I have decided to be CRAZY and listen to my body I had a lil  something something on the side enter my new Crack…

I must hide these from myself

1.5 minutes later

Seriously, I am in love.

Lunch looked something like this

Kitchen Sink Salad

I ate that when I was supposed to be making this

Greek Girls are Baklava Makers

Phyllo, butter, nuts, repeat.

All that is missing from those pics is the aching back I get when I am done.

Finished product, worth the achy breaky back.

After work I decided to take dashboard pictures

And you thought I was kidding

Sometimes, you do weird things with a caffeine buzz and a long bank line  😉

You can thank me later but the rest of my day went unpictured.

Had to meet up with the Twinnie for a little Starcracks chat date all while roaming the isles of Target. Twas a good time.

After making what felt like a million stops and encountering overly friendly cashiers, are grocery stores the new meat market?!!!

When I said unpictured I lied

Hows that for blog photography, my dinner upside down.

A cleaning binge may or may not have ensued, leading to much deserved computer time, doing important things such as making a playlist for Facebook.

Priorities   🙂