Ok, so it’s no blizzard like the midwest

Hello face freezing weather

*Pic borrowed from Kristin at IGE

but hur in Texas we are self professed cold weather wuss’

GO ahead mom Try and move us...

Despite the chill factor, I went off to the gym and left feeling fanny-tastic like this:

Rock that body

However, after work and driving daddy to do errands, I felt more like doing this:

At least I would have plenty of fluff to keep me warm

So, by the time 5 o’ clock  rolled around I was hungry, tired and looked more like this:

You're beginning to look alot like dinner

BF being the sweet and loving paleface that he is kindly offered to watch this:

My own personal brand of Heroin, and by that I mean the drug. Yes, the drug, Not a stuuupid hero chick. This movie is my addiction, I am starting a twelve step tomorrow, or maybe the next day...but first I have to get my fix

He thought I would fall asleep little did he know, he’d find me more like this:

I only have eyes for you...umm..kyle.. 😉

First things first, I ate dinner out of the largest bowl ever like the classy broad I am, like this:

I hated it

Took some random pictures like this:

This is how I say Merry Christmas

learned just how reflective my coffee table really is

Hankered down to my happy trail, I mean place to look at this:

Ohhh sparkles, I like sparkles

The next 120 minutes I watched a lot of this:

Wiping drool from my mouth...

Yes, I even took pictures. Totally normal, right?

Seems Edward woke me up a bit and left me with a sweet tooth the size of Alaska..LIKE THIS:

So what else do you do on a friday night?

Thats not just for Fridays, know what I'm saying 😉

You remove your mind from the toliet, say a few hail marys to save your soul, then you make cookies like this:

I could eat you by the spoonful (that's what she said)

Stir, taste, repeat

Crack for the cracker

I'll take two please

One more cookie and I may have felt like this

Cookies eaten, fix remedied, face washed, I am off to my dungeons and moats..

With visions of Vampires dancing ( or stealth fully sneaking) through my head…

Vampires and werewolves oh my..