I swear I am not a creepy Rpatz stalker. Anyone believe me? Anyone?

After 5 super long glorious hours of work today, I got out of there faster than you can say Tiger had 16 mistresses. Two things were calling my name to lift my mood


Retail therapy.

I devised a plan to meet Twinsie for some serious Strawberry Cake.

Thats a hunka hunka sugar love

Victoria had some secrets to share and I scored a T-shirt.

Imagine me in Navy blue with a V-neck

Must have to house my new Christmas gifts…

Frames are a Cullen quotes best friend

Smell my underarms, I dare you

In my mailbox I found this

Time to rock out with my.... 😉

Once home, I finally ate real dinner and headed to BF’s BFF house to watch a movie…I had a giggle fest with the bestie, and had just one thing on my mind

(That pretty much sums it up)

What was really on my mind of course was, hanging these bad boys..

Matchy Matchy


The nightly tea was exceptionally profound

Your tea leaves show Edward in your future

Mug ala Edatz

Time for some crack.

Goodnight all and to all a good night