Thanks to Eastern time zones with Southern Charm, we arrived at 3:50 am.  Given the amount of caffeine consumed it is safe to say I was a bit hyper, which may have lead to a bedtime of 6 am.

6am or not, 12 hours of driving or not, I was up by 10:30.

Greeted by this

Good Morning truffle. Marry me?

Accompanied by this

Jingle my...oh nevermind

True to form, my Dad was ready to go out and explore.  That pretty much means you need to be ready five minutes ago.

The joys of “vacation”

Knowing my dad and I obsession love of whole foods, they took us to the perfect spot

Dekalb Market aka heaven

First thing spotted

My sanity. Chocolate. Miles and Miles of chocolate.

My nephews were less amused

Check out that grill


Their frowns turned upside down once they got a little sugar fix

The market had it’s hustle and bustle on

I found some sludge. Pineapple, Apple, Lettuce and Parsley.  Good for the blood and soul alike.

Like blood to a vamp

Of course, we basically bought the store.


Making new friends along the way

Butcher/Fishmonger I'm not

Potential New Pet?

Warning random pictures ahead:

Kinda makes ya wish you were 7 again, eh?

This is my normal face

12 and almost taller than does that happen?!! 😦

My dad and fish are likethis

Awesome Market trip ended we headed through town for a little sight seeing

Cutest. Fire Station. Ever.

Naturally we stopped for a photo op.

Kithas Family Hams

I put my brother in the drivers sit as he led our way through  town.

My Brother wears his sisters shades 😉

I ♥ Iron buildings

Somebody fell asleep in my lap


Exploring complete, it was homeward bound to do what Greek men do best.  Cook.  Then Eat.

Relaxing is in order for the boys which means shopping for us girls.

I have a  Publizzy to explore..

Tomorrow it’s off to Savannah!!