I am sorry to all you caffeine haters out there but Caffeine makes me a better person!!!


Back story is I had no water bottle today, yes, I know “shudder” sand since I refuse to drink tap, I decided Tea was my best option.  It was a true high, my thoughts were clearer, faster, I had energy SO much energy. I may have even cracked a smile while doing mundane tasks such as refilling drinks. LAME.  All these things brought me to this conclusion.

Yes, I have avoided it like the plague, after we had numerous torrid, tumultuous, love affairs. Some of those affairs bordered on abuse, but I am here to say I want you back, for better or for worse, In sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, Please be mine forever?

One catch, Moderation.  I tend to be a all or nothing personality.

Examples are as follows;

Clothing-Love it, have to have it, have to have ALL of it. Must be the best dressed person possible. I want to be the envy of the town.   With that I suceeded. My bank account however, lets say it was a FAIL

Decorating- Must make my house perfect. A place for everything and everything in its place. No, please don’t sit there, can’t you see I just fixed the pillows?!

Working out– Hmmmm…since my house is perfect and my clothes all fit, lets see if we can get skinnier so I can buy more clothes.  Mission accomplished.

Diet– Never had to watch what I eat, but why not start now?  Sure, I used to love bread but now in case you missed the memo, I HATE it.  This overachiever wound up a whopping 88lbs.  I was definitely NOT a stunna.

Mission Moderation -as of now, so so.  I am working on that whole eat when you are hungry thing. Although, after loosing the ability to feel true hunger and royally screwing my thyroid, I am still working out the kinks. I try not to work out too much, otherwise I start to feel as though I MUST go everyday.  That makes for a very cranky, tired Maria. I like many other woman have to learn when to say No.

Moral of the story know your limits, be mindful of your body,  remember you only get one shot.

Off to dinner with my Daddio- Something I really don’t feel like doing, but one day I will look back on and be thankful I did.

Besides a little moderation at a time, right?!!

Because no post is complete without:

If this is the devil, I will take a one way ticket to hell please.