Share and Share alike.

That’s my motto, unless of course we are talking about this man.

Then it’s every woman for herself and you betta step back sista, cause Maria is gonna pull out her can of WHOOP WHOOP!!

Won't you be my neighbor?

1. I will not wear socks that don’t match. Yes, this often calls for digging and searching until I find a “pair” . Good thing I am not a freak for punctuality

2. My first “crush” was Jonathon Knight. NKOTB forever baby!!

3. I was always the good child. However that didn’t stop me from sneaking out, often. That is until the FTW PD found 14 yr old me in a park at 2 am. Evidently such behavior is frowned upon.

4. For the first 15 years of my life I subsisted on every carb known to man, most deep-fried. How I escaped obesity is a secret I would now like to know!!

5. My first REAL boyfriend was the one I have now.  We dated from 15 till 24. Geez Mon.

6. I am Greek but have never been to Greece.

7. In fact, I have never been out of the country, unless you consider the border of Mexico.  For the record, I was 12 and they wanted to keep me. Good thing my dad is a smooth talker, Otherwise I may be head of a sweatshop right now.

8. I can’t remember movie lines to save my life. Twilight is the only exception to that rule. Truth be told if Rpatz was in every other movie I had ever seen, I would be the movie line queen.

9. My hair stinks when I go into a Fast food restaurant or smoke-filled bar.  Is this really random, probably not but as of this current moment I am experiencing said displeasure. I assure you THAT is random.

10. I often type and knowingly misspell things but am so lazy I rely on spell check.

11. I have seen the  hangover 4 times. Proudest achievement? Not so much, but watching Bradley Cooper isn’t all bad. Trust me.

12. I had no basis for making this a 12 fact post, just felt like it. Perhaps I should have stopped at three facts, for it would seem I am not 12 point interesting