Quickie Post, there are never enough hours in the day!!

Today was a whirlwind, busy, busy at work.

Had bread to make and proof:

And of course food to serve:

My lunch was eaten while driving to see the Dr.  Not a pretty sight, I assure you!!

All was well so I headed off to find something to wear tonight, the weather is abysmal.  Dark, wet and rainy, and you know me any cold, wet , thing I just eh..

Weather aside, I found some HOT shoes. Everyone knows shoes make an outfit. With these babies, I can do all things!!

Pic taken while driving. I was THAT excited.

Mission accomplished and trying to adhere to a budget, I headed to Target for a few things to take to our party tonight.

Spending less than a hundred dollars made me feel like I had won the lottery and I happily skipped drove home.

Currently eating a snack and mentally dressing myself, unlike the usual mental undressing of someone else:

Why is it I have a sudden disliking of pants…

Ok, going to eat my snack

Fun size

Bananas in yogurt, try it!!

See you all next year!!!!!

My sum it up 09 post coming soon!!!