To further my insomnia I began to have  a “Mayer Moment”

What is that you might ask?

A sudden urge to look and listen to all things Mayer. It can strike at any time, while anywhere, that’s why its best to always be prepared

Beauty really is ALL around me

Nightdreaming may also be involved.

It can cause you to rifle through 51 pages of Google images.  You will most definitely be listening to Mayer while doing so.  A true Mayer Moment will also entail imagining what your future children will not only look like but what school distract they should attend….

Your mind will start to wander, all the way back to when you met Mayer

While said mind wanders, you can no longer remember what he signed and where it may be now….

Of course none of that really matters, after all , just look at that face, I see destiny, er I mean details, in those eyes..

Back to what stunning babies we would have..

OK, perhaps less stunning, more awkward

Our Love child, isnt she er it beautiful?!!

How to brunettes get a blonde, blue eyed kid, I will never know. Good thing I am willing to try more than once….

I am taking my Mayer moment to bed, both only figuratively, literally I will have to work on….

*This blog was brought to you in large part by a bottle of wine