I have a wicked love of clothes as expressed in this post.

Also having expressed my general distaste for my current shape, my love of clothes has gone down the toliet. My wallet thanks me, my vanity however is rather distraught.

Enter New Years Eve:

We may not be partying like its 1999

We will be partying like its 2009

It’s a small get together, most likely no one will be dressed up.  I fancy being the exception to such rules.

Better to be to dressed up than not dressed up enough.

Back in my hey days, where my body was bangin, I would have had an outfit picked out weeks ago. In fact I would have laid in bed at night pondering ideas.  Clothes=are my crack.

I mustered up a little effort,channeled my inner “Real women have curves dialogue”  Mixed it with a  bit of body bangin’ Maria up to bat. Shaken not stirred.  Heres what I came up with:

Warning imagination a must.  I am piecing together ideas. In my mind it works, if it doesn’t in yours, I suggest getting your head checked.

Clearly for fashion and not warmth

Lose the Hoe shorts, untie the Tee


Accessories to be continued….