I’m impossibly tired and grumpy, My eyes  are crossed and half closed, My fingers are getting  tired,  and I am texting like its 1999, I don’t want to go to bed, I may just wait for the sunlight…

What am I?

Soso,  tired yet here I sit, eyes plastered to the screen. Crossing, glazed over.  I have started this post three times, I have yet to successfully finish without launching into a Holiday rant. Instead I give you the readers digest version of my evening.

MIL Dinner. I survived, I made a new friend.

Yes, those are my clothes from last night. Are you judging me right now?!!   😉

Meet Sweet Pea, BF’s Aunts dog.

She was a better date than any of those “humans”

Off to bed, I am taking Twinnie to the airport early am.

She is vegas bound, I am jealous….