Here in Texas, we are all about two things:

1) Football

2) Cowboys

We actually even managed to combine the above into a well known team.

Tonight is all about Texas vs. Alabama. There is no Roll tide here in Texas it’s all Horns..

“The eyes of Texas are upon us”

Now that the obligatory football talk is out of the way, let’s hear about the rest of my day shall we?

I took a partial mental health day which actually translated to a clean the filth that is masquerading as my house day.

Mission accomplished and pictures to follow tomorrow.

However in said cleaning rampage I had the bright idea to throw the dog pillow in the dryer. No big deal right? WRONG. In the famous words from “Of Mice and Men” I done a bad ting George”

There wasn't an App for that

That stuff multiples faster than these guys

Muhaha SO cute, Yet SO evil

All I could do was sit covered in what looked like egg vom and hysterically laugh.

My dogs tried to eat that. No one said they were geniuses

Afterall the damage was done. Nothing a little trash bag stuffing stuffed back in the pillow fixin. That my friends is being thrifty..

Few 25 minutes later, mess was clean.

Unless of course you count the fliter that spewed poly fill

About to brave the bone chilling temps, I dug in the depths of my closet to uncover a little faux fur gem circa 2006. Fit like a glove. To further the grin on my grill, I reached in my pocket to discover:

Realizing how late I was running, I flew out the door. My brother and family were on their way in VIP commerical jetplane  style. I of course play Chauffeur because it makes me feel important to be called Miss Jeeves.   Luck once again came my way and 183 was clear as the alleged cheating of Tiger Woods. I owned the roads and made it in record time.

183 clear at 5 o ‘clock that my friends is priceless.

My Bubba is a good man and Chauffeured us back home, I love a little brotherly chivalry.   Naturally as soon as I returned home it was off again. This time for a little football watching party. To break that down for you it’s a deep fried, high fructose corn syrup laden good time. I brought apple chips and zevia. I know how to get the party started…

Currently the game is gunning too close for comfort…

The suspension mounts..

I’ll be back and it better be with a Texas style win..