Hope everyone had a fantastic day!

Quick Recap of mine.

Breakfast- pictured here


Pictured-Fro yo with the nephews:

Little J

A redonk combo

The big C

general silliness

Silliness=Sugar induced

Unpictured-Apple Store

Pictured-My Apple store score

Excitement in a small package

Unpictured-Airport with necessary Whole Foods pit stop

Pictured-  Whole Foods Spring Roll snack

Unpictured-Me. Sitting. On the computer. All. Night.

Productive? Depends on how you look at it. I read blogs. “Shopped” around online. Bought chic ski accessories. Total success in my book  😉


Needed ma greens mon

Turkish Figs. Natures Candy

Unpictured-Chatting with bestie.

Pictured-Eating Chocolate Chips/Zbar. Drinking copius bottles of Pellegrino


Unpictured-Doing random jumping jacks. Lusting after Listening to John Mayer via You tube.

Pictured-Greatness with a hot exterior

Sex. Yes. You read that right.

I am working on this whole Sleeping thing. Or in my case lack thereof, which is going to force me to embrace boring and shut off my creative night-time brain. Lame.

Nighty Night lovepies!


This one's for my bestie