It’s official, snow here I come!!!

We are finally loaded up and Colorado bound!!!  Woooooooooo!!!

Bad news; We are baby steps into the trip…and I have already thought of 3 things I forgot.

Good news; We have plenty of snackies and tunes to keep us full and singing for hours…..and hours…and hours…

Pray for my internet connection to stay solid!!!

Heres a glimpse into our ride:

Cause everybody needs a snackie

Walkie Talkies?!

We have a  3 vehicle caravan of sorts, so the boys have Walkie Talkies to stay in touch, as cell service is often non existent. Truth be told, I think they just like talking in code and making up games.    😉    I gotta feeling, My headphones  are gonna get a workout.

Our travel baby

My wack-a-doodle faces

Bruce "Edward" Cullen to be our pleasant guide

He’s not as hot (cold?) as the “real” Edward, but he gets the job done. All in a pleasant British accent.

He's hot and he's cold....

Ok kittens, Looks like  I have a “date” with my Ipod.

See you guys in Colorado!!!