Breakfast with Mizz was absolutely glorious.

My blueberry bagel was  softer and chewier than usual.  I also made the awesome call to switch it up adding  a side of cottage cheese.

Don’t get me wrong we are all subject to it, but why ya gotta flaunt it?!!

Ok, back to my brekkie:

Blueberry with a side of blueberry. Perfecto

The above included mucho caffeine.

Because Mizz is most amazing, he pumped my gas and accompanied me to the Ski Store.  Last minute shopping is almost my favorite kind of shopping.  What a joke, I love any kind of shopping. I may have tried on every jacket they sold. In the light of refrain, I purchased gloves.  I’m a SAINT.

Because FTW knew I was leaving town, EVERYONE came in for lunch. I rocked it. Until an unfortunate incident where a ladder met my face.  He didn’t introduce himself or offer to pay for dinner. Instead he ruined my perfect face just in time for vacay pictures. Greattt.

Since I am a procrastinator best under pressure, I had a few afternoon errands.  While driving, I became super sleepy. Concussion?   Perhaps.  How to fix it?  Why Caffeine IV of course.  Move over Starbucks, say hello to my little friend:

Celsious. Marry Me?

My arse was kicked into gear, the rest of the day was a money blowing blur.

Vegas scored a blanket:

No real chinchillas were harmed in the making of this fluffy lucious-ness

I made my sis in law my side-kick, we made visit number 2 to The Ski Store. My Saint-dom went out the window, when my credit card hit the counter.  Rationalization?  If I have one awesome pair that trumps three crappy pair.


Spendy Ski Pants.  Worth it.

Famished. We grabbed dinner at my home away from home. Central market.

I had an un-pictured veggie sammie with sprouts, indecision provided me with a side of salmon.  It was a feast.  Due to our time constraints, I ditched half my dinner, getting my after dinner exercise via packing.  Who knew, Luggage is hefty?!  With all my over packing,  This look could be in my future:

I'm gonna pump, You UP

We are off to meet our friends!!  See you all in a bit from the car, God bless wireless cards!!