As much as I love my view:


My internet is so slow I see more of this:

Happiness is bubbles and JM. Not neccessarily in THAT order

Not that I mind, who needs the magical intrawebs when you have THAT face.

Sometimes when  lacking internet, you exercise creative thinking and pair it with logic. Logic says “You Maria are too much of an anxious control freak to sleep”  Creative thinking screams; Lets. Play. Makeup.

The brilliance that is “The Car Mirror Makeover” was born

All you need is 3 easy steps:

1) Bad lighting

2) Mistaking creativity for sleepless delirium

3) Acceptance for the fact that you WILL end up looking like this:

What? It will wear off by the time the sun comes up...

Creative brilliance at it’s best.

I’m off to stare at 8 more hours of this:

That's a view