No Mountain today , wussed out 😉  we decided to make it our favorite diner day.

Bundled up and in the car I saw this:

Cold up Hur

Bum Heaters you are my savior.  The drive to the diner is nothing short of fabulous, could turn a city girl into a snow princess fo sho.

Destination Durango diner reached

The BF and I become obsessed on last years ski trip, Naturally it was a must “go” this year.

As per our fav we ordered the Kitchen Sink Omelet with a head sized blueberry pancake on the side.


Portion Con... What?!!

Everyboys dream...

BF was a teensy bit hungry and grumpy this morning…

As you can see things got progressively better…

With a few calories to burn we picked up essentials at Walmart  then on to my obsession Natures Oasis. They have everything grown by the sun and then some. A-freaking-mazing. Don’t even get me started on the instore wine market…

Two of my favorite finds:

Homeade, yes please.

Home sweet wine

Say hello to my little friend

Belly full of Spaghetti (pie that is), glass of wine at my side, it is almost Dump Cake time.  Even I can’t believe those words, but I am going to enjoy every last bite.

Tomorrow is really Doomsday Mountain day, we have already picked up our skis and lift tickets. BF got the pleasure of playing Jeeves:

gratuitous butt shoot

Uh, I carried a pair of boots..

We also braved the coldness to take a few pics:

With that scenery, I am seriously considering “ski bum” as a career move.

Off to bed, big day tomorrow!!!