Going up the mountain….

Ski-fit part one, Check

Skit-fit take 2, check

Ski-fit, part deaux. Check


We just had lunch and are resting up for another big run.  Not gonna lie, skiing=HARD WORK.  Which of course leads to throbbing legs and massive appetites!

If I weren’t such a lazy bum, pictures would be posted but that home fries, will have to wait until tonight.

How about a funny story instead?  Ready? OK..

Ski lifts, kinda daunting, kinda scary. Sometimes someone rides a lift alone, their glove may fall, while they are picture-taking. When the ski lift ends, you hit the ground skiing. Or in this case, you stay in the chair.  Naturally you have done it on purpose, I mean what girl doesn’t love a little extra attention, No?  If you have ever wondered, once you miss your exit, they cart you around in a circle and escort you off the lift. Gentleman style.  This all might have been documented. Can’t wait to re-live it on the big screen tonight.

Off to the mountain. See you at the bottom!!