Gooood Evening!!!

Today, I skied for the second time in my LIFE!!


In case I failed to mention, didn’t fall, no, not, once.

Who’s a bad ass? I’m a bad ass. I can say “bad ass” cause it’s my blog.

Lets hit the rewind button. After this afternoons Ski lift debacle. I kicked back, low profile, cause that’s how I roll. You know, You know.

Version 2.0 is something a little more believable. Here goes.

It’s cold. I mean cold on a mountain. I ski like a 2 year old. I say that because most kids age 5 fly past me. Evidently my body is old, three hours into our day I was tired, after lunch I was flat out grumpy.  Oh and my fingers, who needs fingers anyway? Evidently I didn’t because they were so cold they actually tingled. Good sign? Think not.

Good news?  Helluva workout. Got some amazing pictures.  Share them I shall:

Leaving. Still had good hair. Don't trust black ice. Or yellow snow...

Hair was perfecto, three seconds later. I busted. Black ice. Not your friend. Come to think of it, neither is yellow snow..

M & K Go Skiing. Will be a best seller. Just wait

H&M. Fo real

I may have to enter therapy. Tree obsession. Out. Of. Control.

More.Tree Porn. So. Ashamed.

BF Candy. Legal in all 50 states

BF playing camera fool

Look. At. Those. Mountains. (TWHS)

I ♥ Lift (TWSS)

Everyone know’s that after you ski. You hot tub and drink. This Tuesday was no exception.  I will say, you have never hot tubbed, until you do it outdoors. While it snows. Yes, Yes, we did. Rumor is we may do it again tomorrow. Debauchery was the only thing we had not accomplished. That is until this evening. Our Favorite bartender, yes we play that game, served us some bloody Marys we couldn’t refuse. Now I know I didn’t mention that we walked form our condo to the lodge, but we did. Which of course meant walking home was a bit of a errr..challenge? A did what we all should have. Enter the trash bag sled mobile.  Worked like a dream, no carbons, earth friendly.

7 am comes early, my tomorrow looks to be today x2.

Good night dream-pires!