FBI Warning:This is an alcohol induced blogging experience.


Today was more shop than ski and thats a-ok with me. Goggles, knit hats and glove liners galore. Necessities, ya dig?

First here is my ski “fit”

Ze top half

Ze bottom half

Off to the mountain we went. I. Rocked. My. Face. Off.

One word. Amazing.  There was picture perfect snow which of course covered trees. Yes, that means more tree porn to come.

Since I’m da bomb there is video, however until I decide to spend my benjamins on a blog upgrade. No video there will be.

After snow debauchery did occur. Location was but not limited to; bar, hot tub and snow. All collided at some point. Let it be known the snow was an innocent party.  There is video, it should be discarded.

Hows bout some pichas:

H&M once more

Musketeers took over my lift

*Shame* Beautiful Shame

I ♥ snowy trees. Naked trees, eh not so much

Bad Ass, Taking Mountains down, two at a time.

No day is complete without this

Neither is a day without pizza. Off to the School House, Pizza Baby come to mama. Back with a full report!!