Good Afternoon from “The Beach”

After this mornings mini-meltdown, we chilled out, relaxed, maxxed  cooled warmed :

Hot Chocolate spiked with Peppermint Schnapps. Oh my.

Views weren’t too shabby:

Even snuck our own prosecco:

Given my inability to talk about anything other than myself last post, in addition to the engagement it is also A’s birthday.  Yes, he asked his future wife to marry him on HIS birthday.  Too cute.

In honor of the occasions,  dinner was a must.


Sows Ear “Best Steaks on the Mountain”.    You did read that correctly, Sows Ear. Can’t say I found the name  appetizing. The food on the other hand was very well done.

In effort to keep up my unheard of Steak trend I ordered the Fillet, BF and I split . Good call on our part, I am not a big enough meat-eater to have consumed a whole slab.

However, I had this bad daddy all to myself.

After seeing someone else’s plate of green, I turned the same shade and ordered a side of my own. Hands down,  Best decision of my night.

No meal is complete without my friends:

Full belly,It’s time to end this exhausting day.

My ski face will be on in full force manana!!