Let the sun shine!!

My day has been perfect, minus the four hours which entailed work.

Mizz and I have a bi-weekly Friday breakfast date, always held at my favorite spot. Yogis

Everyone knows carbs are the perfect way to start a Friday. Today was no exception but rather the rule.

Due to my tired brain, I may include pictures at a later date. For the time being, imagine a blueberry beast of a bagel smothered in a matching blueberry cream cheese dress.  Off the chain.

With nothing on my agenda but time, I decided Today was the day to visit my long-lost friend, Target. It was there I picked up a few necessities. Failing to mention that beforehand, I managed to fit in a workout, which later came back to haunt me. A few hours later and knee-deep in my shopping ventures, I became so hangry my fellow patrons almost became dinner.  Rather than play Vampiress I booked it home and made a snackface plate.  Hunger quelled, I lost myself in my three favorite things.  John Mayer, My other blog, Bestie time.

Now it’s off to bed for this old woman.  Saturdays are all work, no play for me.