It seems with snow comes power outages. Who knew? Oh, wait probably the Northern, Eastern and every other region in between. They actually get snow. We usually get what we like to think is snow. When in fact it is faux snow.  No, faux snow today folks. It’s the real deal.

Real enough to collapse, my tree and gazebo:

Oh and of course leave me powerless. I don’t mean powerless like I am to John Mayer. I mean, hello Maria, you have no magical intrawebs.

Lucky for you all, I put all my bloggy thoughts on paper. Yes, paper. I hear it was invented back in the day when people used their hands to write….

I digress..

Knowing the snow was en route, last night I made a Thursday To Do list. Looked a little something like this:

1-Bake Cookies. Fail

2-Make home-made Quinoa Cereal. Fail. Fail.

3-Penne Pasta for dinner. Ha, this one I can do. Doesn’t everyone wish they had a gas stove….now if I could just find those Candles..

4-Pack for my Friday overnight adventure. But packing sounds so much like working….

List Fail. Now, what to do?

3:23– Eat half a cliff bar. Walk away.

3:28-After walking in circles, eat other half of said bar.

3:29– Look at computer. AGAIN.

Contemplate drinking at 3:30.

Abandon said thoughts. Eat? Not unless I want an ass like JLo.

Text everyone I know. All while hoping my phone doesn’t die. The horror…..

Contemplate. Drinking. Again.

Walk outside, look at snow. Hello,Hello, snow creator I have seen enough. Feel free to turn off that snow mach…Nevermind..

Shhhh…wait…doth I hear the sound of joy….YES, YES. It is the refrigerator motor. Never have my ears heard such bliss…

Once again, here I sit. Magical Intrawebs at my fingertips. Guess what? It is not fulfilling my every desire.

Shhh…wait? Are those wine bells I hear?!!

Time to cook. And Eat. And Eat and Cook. Sounds like a recipe for an ass disaster.