I slept like a baby. Why on earth do people say such a distorted thing. How about I slept like an addict on Wine and Ambien.  Thats more like it .  Ambien was not present but Vino most certainly was.  After all it was movie night with my Bestie.  Essentials, you know they were there.

Drinky Drinky, don't mind if I do

What's wine without Rob, and chocolate, and figs and Rob. Did I mention Chocolate, Figs and Rob?!!

Water was there to squash the total wino rumors that may insue. Theatre was set:


Curtains were drawn

Comfy seat just for moi

Tour of the room, why not?!

I spy.....?

Fantastic. Perfect. Funny. Self deprecating. Genius. Oh and ya movie wasn’t half bad either.  A fact is a fact, the movie could have been in Yiddish. We would have drooled. Watched. Watched and Drooled.  Yum.

Yesterday there was talk of the Ice Age slamming Texas. When you live here you either heed such warnings with a grain of Salt. Or you go ahead to the store where you stock up for weeks.  Since I prefer balance, I struck a happy medium of both.  Good thing I am so smart. Much to my surprise, I awoke to: And it’s still coming down….(Squeal!!!) Here in Tejas this is a regular ole’ snowstorm. You know the kind where the city goes on lock-down? It is definitely no Colorado: God bless Texas drivers and their sno- go-rance!!

First thought of this chilly morning; Cocoa Coffee.

Recipe? Who needs one of those.

In a pan combine;

2 T Whole Foods Cocoa Mix

1/4 C So Delicious Coconut Milk

1/2 C Silk Vanilla Almond Milk

Splash Coconut Creamer

Heat to your desired temp; Add Coffee. Must Have Garnish; Marshmallow Fluff, Dark and White Chocolate Chips, Cacao Nibs.


John Mayer makes everything taste better

Refill times 2. Maybe share with the BF. Eh, maybe not.    😉 Seems Mayer needs a little media break after yesterdays er debacle. Or in his case, open mouth speak the truth, insert foot. Whateve,  he could sing about Nazis, Terroism and Bin Laden. I would still “look” um listen. Sugar buzz sibsiding, I decided food would be a Grrreeeat option. And oh Fresh Juice, why not? I can give you a few reasons why not, can you say apples and limes?  The coffee has given me a false sense of bravery, in the juicer they all went to play. Neverminding the fact I despise apple juice.

Results ( I first typed Resluts,  it’s the mayer inside my mind)  Spectacular Naked Juicey, just like I like my men.

Last but not least a side of Face:

See? Face. Albeit a bloody, distorted, mangled face.

My Belly is Full, My feet are Cold. And the information superhighway is at my fingertips. Another big day for me. Enjoy your Thursday, I will see you this evening with more snowy fun!!!

Adornment for Bestie:

Majyah Eye Candy for you. True to my word,Just keeping things fair.