Dear Tuesday, thank you for being Monday on repeat.  I mean that in the most sincere fashion.

Sparing  you boring deets, I will hit all the highlights while buffing the speed bumps all the way. Who am I fooling, it is my blog. I will vent if I want to…

This morning, I awake Star-ving.  Stumble to the frig, consider it’s contents. Manage to make oats topped with many wonderful things. Proof, is in the oats:

With a mouth full and a robe on my body I sat down to read my blogs and chat. It’s my morning ritual.  All was fine and well until I realize, my cable had been turned off. Clarify, NO INTERNET.  Add a few curse words here, here and here. I decided to channel my savvy self and do what any woman would. Insert my wireless card and chat about it. By chat I mean contact charter and give them an earful. Long story longer and hour of my life I will never get back. I was satisfied with the outcome. Note satisfied, not pleased. Big diffy.

Because I had wasted my morning on morons of the intrawebs, showering was a no go. Instead I had the pleasure of applying perfume like it was my JOB.  Work today was yesterday on repeat. Maybe with volume at an increase. In short, it was not pleasant but I survived.

Jonesing for some sugar in my life I channeled Rpatz:

How sweet it is to be that blonde bimb..I mean Emile de Ravin.

Actually that was later in the day and more like dessert.

I did what every good auntie does. I took my nephews for Fro Yo. It is a perfect balance of health and sugary goodness.

We also performed mundane tasks like shopping for wood glue.  Hey they are boys, simple minds simple pleasures.   😉

Arriving home just shy of 5 o’clock, I shed my binding clothes and mopped the floor.Hey, I never said my life was magical. Positive I was in for the night, I picked up the phone to chat my heart out.  BF happens to text with a Olympics request. Could I please tape them. Sure no worries.  Who would think after all the time spent with my new BFF cable company that my DVR now wouldn’t work.  Feeling proactive and needing a HD box anyway, I headed to the headmaster cable office.   Quick and painless exchange later I am on my merry way.

Hey, I think I will call my…oh wait

My phone screen turned black. Then it froze. Fantastic. Isn’t my phone supposed to be smarter than me?

Destination Apple was in my future.  Once arriving, I am pretty sure I am greeted by the friendliest blue shirt. All I could think was How lucky am I?  30 minute wait. Sure no worries.  I get resourceful, email my mumsy, giving her the 411.  While spending time with this Mac book, we bond.  I would offer to take it home with me, except that would be  a heartless tease.  Soon my love turns to seething when I realize it is now 1.5 hours later. Do I have a nerdy genius at my disposal? Why no I do not.

Said nerdy genius finally realizes I am the last person in the store.  He hooks me up with a new phone, most likely for  fear that otherwise I would tie my arms to the desk until I got my way. Yes, by this point I had the look of crazy in my eyes.

2 hours later, I am home.  Again.  Toting a new numberless phone in one hand with a cable box in the other.  First things first I heat up my luxurious meal of microwave soup, It’s then I decide to hook up our new cable box.

Horror strikes when I look up and read ” User not authorized for servic..” WTH?

That put me over my TECH BS quota for the day.  So, I did what else? Made BF deal with it.  Which he did, it was only after he hung up we realized our internet now was on the fritz….

That my friends is a sign. Bedtime for me, Do me a favor and give Wednesday the memo that I will beat it’s a*@….if it doesn’t treat me better…

I am off to bed before my head spins while spewing pea soup across the room….