Good Evening!

Whew I slept 10 hours last night, only to awake feeling like I slept 2. Seems I am trying to come down with something. Omg, I have been so tired today, it was work to put one foot in front of the other. My stomach felt off, nothing sounded good. My list of eats has been random, unpictured and carb heavy. Good news? It did warrant me the excuse to eat Fro Yo and call it lunch. Everyone knows when are you sick, calories don’t count!!

First half of my day was spent at work, out of the blue my dad called to say I should come “hang out”. He, my bro and nephews were all out junk/antiquing.  Truly didn’t feel up to much more than a nap. I definitely didn’t feel like looking at random crap. However when my dad invites me, no matter the scenario, I take him up on said invitation.  Spending the day with him is similar to winning the lottery.  Exciting, Random, Priceless, Worth it.  He is a force to reckon with, thankfully there is only one. But when that one is gone, I don’t know what I will do with myself.  He can do anything, knows everything and has the biggest heart. His bark is bigger than his bite.  We don’t really talk. I am pretty sure he has no idea what to say, that definitely is the case for me.  I try to look at it this way, it says a lot more to be in silence with someone than to mindlessly chatter.

He makes me crazy, but all I want is for him to know how much I love him.

He also makes ridiculous dinner feasts, such as:

Greeky Feasty

Yes, I am expected to eat it all

Due to my icky belly, all I wanted were carbs. Yes, carbs are all my belly wanted, so that is what it got.

It’s 11:24, I am going to put in a comfort movie and curl up in bed. Let’s hope I sleep well and awake feeling brand new!!