Thank you to everyone who left sweet comments on my last post. Made my day.

Well it is Saturday evening, here I sit. No, I am not out living  my life. I am at home, typing away, exercising only my fingers.  Well, and perhaps my mind

For what its worth, I did work 6 hours today. Which is more than sufficient for a Saturday. Man, do I miss the days were Saturdays consisted of anything I wanted. A whole day at my fingertips. 90210 marathon. Don’t mind if I do.  Talk on the phone in my Pajamas. Why of course. Instead you grow old. Grocery stores replace your friends. Work replaces your laziness.  Blech.  1995 how I miss thee.

I really have nothing to report. No pictures of food, no overflowing sarcasm. In short, no entertainment.  In effort to lessen my food obsession, my picture-taking will be limited.  To further that, I am trying to eat what it is I actually like. Rather than a bowl full of veggies because I should.   It is possibly a recipe for disaster. Here’s why. Know what I really adore. Grilled Cheese. Baked Potatoes. Pizza. Bread in any form. Salads drenched in ranch.  Bagels with Cream Cheese. French Fries. Frozen Yogurt.  Waffles. Pancakes. Hamburgers.  Oh and Pasta. Yumm. There was a time I should have turned into a tortellini. We also should have purchased stock in Prego. Yes, that was not only my childhood but well into my late 20’s.

Now, Here is what I routinely eat:





Veggies, let me rephrase that. A shit ton of veggies.


Any alternative milk.

Sweet Potatoes.

Oh and anything, healthy, super or anti-oxidant filled. Let’s not forget all the powders and potions guaranteed to balance your hormones, brighten your mood and make your life foot lose and fancy free.

Question is, how healthy is healthy. To define healthy, are we talking about our minds or body?

Hmmm.  Now, fact is, I used to eat all the things I loved. Pretty much every day. Yep, hate me or love me. I was that girl.  Bread was sometimes my meal. Balanced meals what?  Trick is, I didn’t eat them in excess. Of course, The foods I love are also the foods most people love.  Don’t get me wrong, I like healthy food. Even with a food I love, I would still want it to be hormone, antibiotic free. Grass Fed, Wild caught etc. After reading about treatment of our food and animals, that is the one thing I won’t compromise. I am sorry but little girls getting breasts at age 7?  That is out of control. And for another post.

My struggle is keeping a balance of food I enjoy vs food that is healthy.  Taking the good and bad out of food is a  start. Like La said, if I want to eat cereal all day, big deal I eat more veggies the next.  Such a normal reaction. Instead of waking up in the morning thinking, cereal sounds good. But if I eat cereal now, I may want to have bread at lunch and gasp maybe even dinner. Should I eat that many carbs in a day. What about my protein. And how many servings of fat do I have in my salad?

Makes my head spin just thinking about it.  Know how I used to eat?  Man, a Frappucino sounds good. And I had one. No guilt. No second thought. Know what else, I probably ordered the largest size. I also rarely finished the whole thing. Why? Because it wasn’t good, bad or off-limits. It was a freaking Frappucino. Not cyanide.

I know the mind is a terrible thing to waste but in my case it is often my worst enemy.  Got to work on that.

Something else to work on. Sleep. Off to dreamland. G’night to all.