Howdy Neighbors!

Whew, whadda day. I was on the run from dusk till dawn. Ok, it was Mid Morning till Dusk, but that doesn’t really flow….Good thing about these kind of days. I got SO much done.  Well, maybe not that much, but lets just go with it.  😉

Earlier this evening while chatting, Bestie and I had a revelation. It was decided our constant late night chats, paired with loads of internet time, Has disrupted our lives in a not so stellar way. Therefore, we devised a plan. What I love most about this plan. It’s simplicity. Case in point. Step one. GO TO BED.

What I dislike most about this plan. Step one. GO TO BED. Um, I am kind of a night owl. Thiswillbehard!!!

So, In effort to get on a “normal” schedule, it would seem I need to get to sleep before 1 am.  That said, rather than give you a half a@s post. I am going to give you a preview, in which I will narrate when my brain is fresh manana. Sound good?  Good.  (And mom, I don’t wanna her a word from you on how I should have just skipped posting. Even boring has it’s place sometimes!!!)


*Edited to add. I actually wrote, rewrote, took out and added pictures three different times. My “quickie” post turned into a full blown affair.  Good news is, it is only midnight. Bad news is, It is midnight. Mission GO TO BED, night one. FAIL. Ov Vey.  I need to work on something I am good at like shopping….

Something to do: Check out Caitlins 305 Garmin Raffle for the Live Strong Foundation.  GO, RUN, DONATE.