Hope your Tuesday has been Terrific!!! Mine was rather snow-gasmic. ‘Cept with a little less snow and a lot less gasmic. The whole “Texas snow” thing was the normal joke it has always been. Something tells me this won’t be happening again round here. That’s the price I pay for living in Texas. It is also one of the many things that sometimes makes “Ski Bum” sound like a dream job.

Let’s jump back on track shall we.

As promised here is my Mumsy Monday recap.

You see the winter weather, gloomy skies and general malaise isn’t enough for me. I decided to be brilliant and shiver my way through lunch. Enter Purple lunch in a plastic cup.


In effort to utilize the teeth chattering, I added granola. Not one but TWO bars.

After all everyone needs something to crunch sometime….

Few hours into my fun filled work day, “Topic of the day” Mumsy saunters in, watch as Daddy pounced her like Tiger to mistress number 7 or was it 12…anywhoo

As implied Mumsy must have been looking extra hot as it seems Daddy was hitting on her “like whoa.” I react to this the way any respectable 30-year-old would. It is what selective hearing is to your mind. I pretend it simply didn’t happen. Just as I arrived in this world via immaculate conception. Unless of course Mumsy is to Daddy like Jessica is To John…..

If anyone cares to learn a bit more about la familial you can do so here. All I have to say is the movie “It’s Complicated” creepily describes their relationship. Umm..Eww..

Because, I learned how to NOT eat from someone, Mumsy declared she was in fact hungry. Two hours after a Bikram Class one would certainly hope so. I take Mumsys food wants seriously, we headed straight to Whole Foods. There we were greeted by things that never had faces. This makes Mumsy very happy, which in turn will spur her to actually eat. Yes, eat, not drink. Mumsy also firmly believes in Wine being a large part of the food pyramid. She ate, I shopped. We headed off to one of our many other stops. Where I encountered this:

Yes, I took a picture of a Hand Dryer. Don't hate

Simple Mind, Simple Pleasure, This was mine of the day. Well until I rendezvoused with an old friend. More on that later.

Aside from spending my future children’s college fund, while at Whole Foods I also bought a Pizza the size of my head.

Sweet Cheesy bliss. You can bet your bottom dolla, I ate 2.5 pieces. And for the best part, I dipped it in Ranch, (albeit organic Ranch) Cause if you like than you shoulda put some Ranch on it…

Even with a belly full of Jelly, something was beckoning from my kitchen cabinets. Being that I am all for equality, the monsters had a snack as well:

Organic Sesame Cookies for the spoiled ones

Organic brown sugar rectangles for momma

Organic brown sugar laden rectangles for moi. Say ello to my little friend...

Fear Foods you can bite me. Or I can bite you. Whateve. Just to be clear, I haven’t eaten Ranch in 4 years. Pizza is running a close second as I have had it maybe twice in the past 3. Pop Tarts? Probably the last time I visited S. Which was a good 8 years ago. I am in no way saying, this is how I will eat daily. I eat very strict most of the time. A habit I never had until my food views got skewed. My attitude towards food was very healthy. That is the outlook I am trying to regain. Once I accomplish a healthy relationship with food, I expect my weight will then follow suit. As for now, my outlook is going to be I am Size Healthy.

Thanks Oh She Glows for such an inspiring post!! If you haven’t checked out her amazing blog, do it now!!