There once was a girl named Maria. She wanted to get to her reada’s. So she highlighted her day, in not the usual way. Since she’s a nerd who can’t be a cheetah

Once rolled out bed,  she musta bumped her head. When she headed to Targey, with no dollas.

While roaming the isles in her usual style, she purchased the only thing she could afforda. Foodie. (Green Food that is)

Rushing back to her crib and  could’nt be late, She had her a date, no not him with her bestie. They laughed till they cried, oh wait that was last night. My how these Robdays run togetha.

Dinga dong, dinga dee. It was off to work until three. Just too bad no one came in to see her.

See Since her lunch crowd was late, she actually got to stuff her face. Unlike the usual smoothie.

Say hurrah say hurray!! It’s the end of her day. She sang and skipped home to her Lovah ( Car Lovah that is.)

But oh me, but oh my. The sight of you makes me cry. Hurry,hurry It’s off to wash yo face.

Once she was bathed, once she shined. Once again I could call her mine.

Anabelle you gleam like your favorite Vampire.

Because watching a wash is so draining, If left me with this hankering for some sugar laced with caffeine.

Then While at costco, I nearly when loco, when I realized loving a faucet makes me;

feel SO OLD

Oh well it’s alright
I got this tonight:

Making lists, soothes this OCD soul

Now it’s off to bed, to Plan my week. See you all manana.