It’s 5am, I’m staring at the ceiling. (O.K. I couldn’t actually SEE the ceiling, not that it matters.) Problem is I am a Libra and technicalities are my strong suit.

Moving forward while staring into 5 am darkness, I decided todays post would be different. Of course my posts are always different. Rarely do I stick to a theme. I am just not THAT girl. I don’t like the same things all the time, my personality is not always exactly the same. No. I am not schizo!! My belief is simple. Life changes. People change. Your mind should change. If it doesn’t not only are you ONE boring person to be around but you also are not maturing. Lets face it, as much as I miss my Saved by the bell watching days, I would not want to be stuck there forever. Imagine. The. Torture (shudders).

So yesterday, while taking a very random city walking excursion, I found inspiration in my afternoon. In the city in which I live. The one in which I was born. And have never left. Funny how you take things for granted. Funny how sometimes you decide to walk where you normally drive.

Instead of pissing and moaning. Ranting and raving. Or a display of self deprecating humor. Today, I would find all the things I was thankful to have in my life. From the simplest thing to the not so simple. Hello rose colored glasses… No worries though, I find it most impossible not be sarcastic. Hey, what can I say. I am THAT girl. I prefer referring to it as my brilliant (charming) wit…Here goes nothing..

1-Food in my fridge. I could get technical and start with the roof over my head or the electricity that runs my fridge. I’m all over technical. But it’s the fact I am able to fill my fridge. That makes me happy. More specifically hummus makes me happy.

2-Friends who are crazier than I am. Therefore making me look sane. Yes, I just said that. We all think it sometimes. We just don’t all admit it aloud.

3-Awesome parents. Ok, well especially Awesome MOM. (Yes my mom does read my blog, not that I am posting that because she does) Actually both of my parents are awesome. Perhaps a little quirky. Yes, mom that was meant for dad. But at least I have them. Some people don’t have that luxury. Some people never meet their parents. Sometimes they are taken from them to soon. Even if you don’t appreciate yours now, one day you will. Wow, did I just turn like 80 with that statement?!! Must be my old soul talking…or just my genius..

4- Acceptance that there is no magic answer. No cure all. There is no PERFECT diet. You aren’t ever going to be perfect. Neither is life. If you could answer all the questions. What would you ever learn? It’s all in the perspective my friends.

5-Gelato. Nuff said.

6- I am thankful for Mr and Mrs Mayer, and 8lb 6oz baby jesus, for bringing John Clayton Mayer into this otherwise dismal world on October 16th, 1977. Without his music my life would have no theme song.

7- Too many choices on my Ipod. A good problem to have.

8-Flying and never having to use the “scary” restroom once. That is something of which to be thankful.

9-Champagne and Chocolate. Chocolate and Champagne. Love.

10-No longer looking like a holocaust victim. Even if it means some junk in my trunk. After all I used to chew gum like a Thanksgiving feast. I can’t help but wonder if people looked at me and wondered if I had gum confused with actual food…

11-That even if I never have anything nicer than the things I have now, I still have/had more than some will ever have.

12-My hairdryer. Aka my other BFF. It’s not just any ordinary dryer.She’s the ying to my yang. Bonnie (short for bonnet) has been around since I was 19. Trust me that was a loooonng time ago. I will cry when she dies.

13-Even though I have no idea why on earth I am here at present. Surely one day it will make perfect sense. And that’s all good to me.

14-Music. Life without it would suck. I love it. My dad plays it. Everything is better with a little tune. Bonus, if you can sing in tune that makes my ears happy. Especially on road trips.

15-Random Road trips. And I mean the kind where you wake up (or never go to sleep) and decide to leave. I think may equate to freedom in my mind. Of course while on said road trip the sunroof has to be open. Even if it is freezing, that is what the heater is for. Duh.

16- Sunshine. Springtime. New clothes. Not necessarily in that order. Or basically Vitamin D (the happy pill), temps above freezing, and pretty things. All about pretty things.

17-Quiet time. As much as I love people.<insert sarcasm there–< I like myself just as much. Maybe a little more. I like spending time with me. I am pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

18-All things pretty. Houses. People. Clothes. Teapots. I am not picky. I just want it to be pretty. It is a requirement.

19- Toast. Bread. Carbs. Whateve. I am not sure how people can desert them. It’s just wrong.

20-Everyone who loves me. You know who you are. I too love you. Unless of course you are creepy. In which case I don’t love you quite like I love everyone else.

I leave you with my thought for the day ” Mind reading, it’s like talking but without words” That’s right there sums up the workings of my brilliant mind.

Happy Thursday!!