I want to conquer the world. Travel from one end to the other. With sunshine, Even traffic doesn’t ruin my mood.

That my friends is why Vitamin D is the happy, sunshine Vitamin.  “At least it is in my world.”

Of course if it were really my world, things would be different. Yes, different. How you ask?  Money wouldn’t be an issue.  I say that with the confidence of knowing if I were to receive enough money to not worry for the rest of my lifetime, it wouldn’t change who I am. Not the core. I have worked all my life. I can assure you I am far from terribly spoiled. Rather blessed, well yes. I wouldn’t change my life as much as tweak it a bit. Aside from all the sick clothing I would buy. Here is what is really important:

Top 3 list-

1-Home. Paid in full. Done. That way you always have a place to rest your head that is yours. Foeva yo.

2-Family taken care of. As in future and of course present.

3- Travel. I really, really want to see the world. As of this moment, I haven’t had such luxury.  Although I have knocked out a few southern/eastern states 😉

Speaking of travel, my official countdown to see the Bestie is ON.  3 months, 16 days. A little Bestie Background:  Bestie lives in the middle of Nowhere, America. There is even a possibility she has a super long drive way complete with cows.

Bestie and I have been friends since we were beasties.  7 year old beasties. Without getting into how old we now are, lets just say we have been friends longer than Bonnet has been around.  Beastie bonding often included but not limited too, Orange Vanilla swirl chapstick (very rare as I would later find out ) Pound Puppies and trading shoes.  Oh and of course a penchant for lying. Maybe lying is an exaggeration, you see as a child I was not so fond of sitting in a boring old classroom. I mean C’mon who does that? I wanted action. In effort to stretch my legs and inhale some fresh smog filled air, I would creatively imply I had lost my very important chap stick in the very large football.  Naturally I needed a partner in crime, I drug bestie. We took our sweet time, getting all the exercise our jaws would allow.  What the topics were I can only imagine. Honestly how in depth can 7 year olds talk. Trick question, I was just as sassy as a  beastie as I am an old haggie. In fact I was sassy with a kick. Literally. But that story is for another day. Many pound puppies, one chap stick -that met its fate in a certain washer-, and  a few banana bomb pops later. The School year was over like besties parents marriage. She moved off to Nowhere, I was left here. Cause apparently I never leave. Again another story, another day.

We wrote letters. Yes, letters. Crayons are acceptable writing utensils.  Sent pictures, occasionally discussed politics on the phone. Me being the brave beastie even hoped a plane to see my bestie, long before big bad beast and the little beasties. Back when it was all oreos and marshmallow fluff. We never lost touch.  It was bestie fate.

Now, not a day goes by that we don’t radiate our brains talking on the phone through breakfast until evening snacktime. Now, before you go hating on Besties mom skillz. I can attest that she can multi-task very well. Those kids are totally tended to. In fact when I am on speaker-phone it’s like they have two moms    😉

Our daily chats help keep the miles at bay. I go about many daily routines with her in my ear. As silly as it may sound, it’s almost like having her around.  I’m sure you are thinking how impratical or childish it sounds to talk to your bestie 6 out of 24 hours.  Fact is a fact. You are lucky if you have one true friend in all your life. I have at least 5.  She is the top of that list. In fact if you want to get technical she is the list.  I work more than I socialize, Fake Friends don’t do a thing for me. Now, BF is great but he is a boy. We all know not all boys are destined to be your bestie. If you can pull that off you are double lucky. For me it’s nice to have someone to laugh with at 1 am over something absolutely silly. Someone to mail things to, someone you can tell absolutely anything and you know she will still be right there by your side.

That = Bestie.

Of course we have gone through phases of not talking but once or twice a year. But without fail I visit at least once in that year. She loves me even when I am stupid or withering away. I love her when she makes fashion choices that involve two words “Hammer Pants” and has no clue about current pop culture. No worries, I have long since remedied that. Cough, Cough, Spunk Ransom.

Spunk is not quite the word I have in my mind right now…

I can’t tell how much I love this driveway. In a not so literal sense.   Once I get this far ^,I am greeted by a smiling Bestie and two out of three smiling beasties. Yes, Bestie has beasties,  three beasties. All under the age of 6. To answer the questions you are all thinking, I visit on my own freewill. I even like the beasties…they are kinda cute. Especially after we drug em with nyquil….I kid, I kid. However I have been known to be so evil and do things like pawning prunes off as candy. Or even bribing them with sugar. Yes, I buy my love. Gotta do whatcha gotta do, I’m a libra we love to be loved!!

Once settled bestie and I do things like; Eat, gossip, giggle, play with makeup, have manis/pedis and of course take many pictures of ourselves….

Kinda like this, here is an ode to besties over the years: (Lucky for us, all the super old pics aren’t digital)

Besties and Beastie

She is the peanut to my butter, the white to my rice. She is without fail, my own personal “Bestie”