Seems Mrs. Mumsy has been too busy for her one and only eldest daughter as of late. With that in mind, I decided to re-live a day in the life of Maria and Mumsy flashback to ’06.  While flashing-back to this time, I would like to remind Mumsy it has been far to long since we have taken a vacay.  I’m Just saying.  😉

The year was 2006. I (the leading character in this story) was a mere young lady, all of 26. Young and beautiful, Beautiful and young. Oh and also about to lose her brain and ruin her body. However in this particular story, she had a penchant for shopping, eating, shopping, eating, and oh yes. Drinking.

Mumsy and I set off to the land of freedom. New York. Everyone knows that everything is better in New York. As Jay-Z says “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do” John Mayer lovingly refers to it as, Something that “seems to big to touch.”  To each their own, to me it feels like home. One big playground in which I know no ones name.  Muy perfecto.

Lucky for this spoiled kid, my little sis (aka satans spawn) had decided it was a super cool idea to constantly run away from home. After one to many car rides around the surrounding citys and a few beers to soothe the mood. She was not invited to my large playground. Finding her in NY would be next to impossible.  Having just typed this, perhaps I should have encouraged her to come along….

Sooo..One plane ride and a few pictures later, we had arrived;

Ahh, Love.  Seeing as how I have slept quite a bit since then, I feel rather confident in saying we arrived. I acquired some Tasti Delite (sorry Mr.Limo driver but the stop was necessary!), then we went off in search of real food.  Or what I shall refer to it as “our raw fish obsession”.  Sushi.  When you are in NY you eat. End of story.  I am going to apologize in advance here but that is close to all that we did. Except when we drank. Or shopped.

Home sweet boutique hotel. It was love as soon as I saw this headboard:

Dinner was fabuloso, we ordered more than 2 woman should be able to put away. Alas somehow that we did. We ate them out of both SU and SHI.

Twas glorious.

Mumsy is known to need two things. Vino and slumber.  I myself was also known to need two things, Money and Caffeine.  Thus most nights/most days. I would set off alone to do what it is I do best.  Get Caffeine’d up and shopped out.  To add some balance I loved to walk around at night, Go to the movies at night. Alone. Yes, both alone and at night. Talk about fabulous. It was like a dream come true. Boy do I miss it. Those are both direct HINTS  (cough, cough) You know who you are.

Moving forward, we also did what any Mommy and Daughter combo would. Sex and the City Tour.  What might that be? Surely you don’t have to ask.  That is the male equivalent to beer and poker. Or beer and porn. Yes, beer and porn.  More or less a bus load of 7 inch heel wearing “ladies” trek all over the city to all the hot spots. Basically it revolved around all the things we did best. Eat, shop, Eat, Drink.

The Shopping- Jimmy Choo, Saks, Manolo, Bergdorfs. Tears of NY longing are flowing right now…

The Sex Shops-Buy a Rabbit. With your mom. No thanks. Awkward.

The Cupcakes- As luck and my thighs would have it, Mumsy doesn’t eat sugar. Or anything fun. I ate them both. Happily.

Carries Stoop-Happy Mumsy. Except the first picture sucked, which brought us back to the stoop the next day, Begging the random street person to reshoot.  Yes, it was THAT important.

Finally Happy Hour Cosmo Style.

The tour ended with a bus full of buzzed ladies. Had they been smart, they would have got us drunk and then taken us shopping. Duh.

We all know I am a teensy bit obsessed with John Mayer. Well the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, Stopping by Chris Noths Jazz Club was on our MUST DO list.   Mumsy was sure he might actually be there. Because I am a good daughter (and I wouldn’t mind calling Chris Noth Daddy) I went along.  The Jazz was good, the club was fine. Mumsy found no Mr.Big to call her own. So we drank.  Surprised. I hope not.

Outside the club I saw this:

NYC. I Love your sense of humor

The next day I think we may have shopped. Barneys. Shoes. TDF. If you have never been. Run. Now.Fast.

I also fancied taking pictures of my outfits with said fierce shoes:

Chloe you make one 'ella a shoe

Somewhere in the course of our trip we did something free.  Enter Central Park:

Then we of course ate, and went out. By out this particular night it was to the Hotel bar. Good thing too. Pretty sure Mumsy would not have fancied carrying me. That was a drink night FAIL. Opps.

The eyes say it all

To round off the trip we ate at some breakfast place where the line was a few blocks long. I ordered enough food to feed a few babies not in utero. Once on our way to the airport in times square I was surrounded by weirdos singing about Bubblegum. Yes, bubblegum.  Shooting a commercial no less. I was asked to join in the fun.  Never actually saw the commercial anywhere but you tube. I was in it for all of three seconds. But one day I will tell that story to my grandkids. Naturally I will make myself the star of the commercial, cause thats what old people do.

Bubblegum. Bazooka-zooka. Bubblegum. That song haunts my dreams.

Hey at that point you have to get your kicks somewhere!!

As for now, I have had a few chances to get back to the city, just haven’t been able to take them.  I am borderline debating  selling my soul to return. Am I kidding? Hmmmm

I need to make new memories, incorporate new shenanigans and of course take more pictures. It is necessary.  BTW in case you are wondering, upon looking for our NY pics I remembered they must be on the computer that died a few years ago. Thus I am left with the few I have on this computer. All of which seem to look the same. Oh well, I like them, If you don’t, simply avert your eyes.

Happy Mumsy Monday!!!  Tomorrows post will be filled with that of JM it is certain.