Evening Bloggers, Bloggettes.<——Is that even a word?!! It is in my little bloggy dictionary as of three seconds ago.

Seems I have been a bit MIA this past week. Much to my dismay I have been out every night. Right, So that is not the dismay, the work during the day is what seemingly interferes with my social life. Or in this particular case, the life I have built on the web. Umm, life on a computer….hmmm…..kinda creepy.. Well figuratively creepy…and perhaps a bit literally creepy as well. I mean have you ever seen some of those posers behind a computer screen? Mostly they reside on social networking sites….but still Creepy, Mc Creeperson.

This should be as good a time as any to tell you all I am in a slightly weird mood. However if you had not already realized said fact, than I am indeed judging you at this very moment…YES, YOU.

Back to my rather eventful life for a hermit like me. Lets take a trip back in the way back machine to last week. I warn you, I am working off bananas and chocolate right now. Yes they are in fact made for one another. They met in the freezer. They enjoyed each others company. Sadly they met their inevitable fate. It was painless I promise. Well, painless for me anyway.

On to the recap, and I don’t mean the readers digest version. You’ve been warned.

It all started last Tuesday March 9th, 2010.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day here in good ole Tejas. So lovely in fact, John tweeted about it himself.

“Awesome afternoon in Dallas. Shootaround with Mavs coaches and sushi at Kenichi. I recommend it as a pregame spot tonight.5:11 PM Mar 9th via Twittelator

Naturally I fretted and frazzled over my concert going attire. As if I were going to meet John himself, in all his beautiful glory. Finally decided, dressed and out the door, I spent most of the car ride taking pictures of my favorite thing. Me. I am quite sure this often irritates Mumsy. Mostly because I am often hogging her mirror. Side note. Mumsy has a severe lipstick addiction. So much so she applies it before bed, for “moisture.” Time and Time again I have reminded her they make a miracle tube for that. It’s called chap stick.

Sullen in the Sun look. Fetching really.

Upon hopping in the car, Mumsy declared she was not in the mood for salad. After I fingered printed her to make sure she was in fact MY MUMSY. We decided to take John’s recommendation and go for some uncooked food. Enter Kinichi.

Kenichi. How I love thee
My dinner date
Vino. Heart Healthy
A friend to your thyroid. Seaweed

Dinner was divine. Imagine my surprise to find out our server actually waited on John earlier in the day. Actually no surprise, you see John and me we’re likethis. I totally knew where he had sat and what he had eaten. What fruity cocktail he had drunk while dining with his male companion….hrmmm….I wonder how those gay rumors get started anyway…

Lucky for us the concert was a literal hop, skip and jump away from Kinichi. After we visited the lady’s room and I took notice of the cute little peephole they had so cleverly installed..

Hello fun decor!!! With love from the lady’s room.

It was showtime and we were AA (American Airlines) bound. Not to be confused with Betty Ford….that may be in a later post.

The venue itself is a sight.

I spy excitement on Mumsy face!!

Once inside we did the important things first. Found a nice little man bearing wine. Then we found seats, however in order to keep Mumsy happy, I visited said wine man a few or four more times. By the end of the night, I knew his name, his kids names, their kids names and their family pets…

This is Mumsy on wine. No wait, this is Mumsy all the time.

Onto the important things, like John. The concert was everything I had hoped it would be. Just every other 243 concerts of his I have attended. Fact is I am even nerdy enough to have attended a few out-of-state as well….

Now what you have all been waiting for:

Confession: I spent more time playing videographer than photographer. If I weren’t so cheap I would totally pay an extra bazillion dollars to upload videos. Until then, use your imagination, or You Tube…

He played a full two hours. Included old favs, acoustic guitar and exuded general John hotness in all the show. It was the highlight of my week. Until the weekend. More on that later.

Because my mind is winding down and my sugar rush wearing off, I am going to break this down into a two-part mini series. Leaving you wanting more. That my friends is how I like to roll….

Until then…sleep well my friends..