I am sure the suspense of my week is killing you but the promised update  will have to wait.  GAH, I know. I know. So Sorry, but this whole thing called life. It sometimes gets in the way. So many friends, so little time….

Tonight is dinner/movie combo with one of the oldie but goodie buddies from back in the day, H.D.  In case you missed it, I seemed to have only made friends from ages 7-12. Anytime thereafter evidently I was a un-friend-able bitch. Yes, that includes now..Poor poor sweet me..

Ok, readers (cough cough, Mom, La, Shelley and Bestie..cough) Off to the land of wonder, also known as Wonderland. Alice’s Wonderland. Somehow when I hear Wonderland, I only see this face…

And Jess says she will no longer be his napalm. Does that mean position is waiting to be filled?!

Not that I’m complaining….!!

Happy Monday!!!