So sometimes the BF and I have conversations.

Imagine that.

We sometimes talk for hours.

We sometimes don’t talk at all.

OK not so much.

Problem is we like to talk A LOT.

We kinda have the same sense of humor. Sometimes it seems as though we share the same thoughts.


So amidst one of these conversations, we got to talking about things we would not do in the house while the other is home.

You see I invaded his home many months ago.

Some would say I did this in a stealthy manner.

But I digress.

It seems BF has some SSB (Secret Single Behavior) he’d rather not share with me.


I did what any good GF would do.

I told him he was weird.

I mean HELLO. You have seen me car dance and sing. You have seen my face slathered in mask and my hair slathered in oil. You have watched me rifle through the closet with a vengeance and still have nothing to wear.

I even have drunk an entire bottle of wine while baking and listening to sappy music.

All in his presence.

Then this morning it hit me.

Seems I have some SSB of my own.

Dancing like a spastic freak. To Lady Gaga. While cleaning.

Not that I DO that.

But if I did I certainly would rather be alone.

Unless I am drunk.

Then all bets are off.