Let’s see, it’s a blustery Wednesday evening. It’s cold. It’s blustery. It’s cold and it’s blustery.

I am home. Alone. Yes, home and alone.

I know, I know.

I spent my afternoon in search of boots that only exist in my mind. Or they are a mere $800. Needless to say I came home empty-handed, to an empty house.


Heres the dealio. BF has a work dinner. Who am I kidding, it’s a glorified man date with a working title.

My stand in BF, himself has a date.

It’s like I am the only person sans plan on a Wednesday.

I even called my sister. She too is busy.

That my friends is true desperation.

So after, sitting and pondering the possibilities. OK. After googling everything I could think of while eating chocolate chips and wearing pink wool socks (hey it’s cold) I decided to get experimental.

Not that kind of experimental.

The kind that begins with a glance in your fridge and ends with random things being thrown into a pot.

And while you are throwing things into a pot why not stir fry some things as well. In fact let’s go ahead and boil some quinoa.

Have I yet mentioned I am alone.

Unless you count this guy

So basically I am cooking for an army and surrounded by cats.

Seems perfectly sane, right?

Don’t answer that.