Buy sparkly TOMS, when you should be buying boots.

Buy more jeans when you still should be buying boots.

Decide spending all your money at Anthropolgie is a good idea. Even if it means you probably can’t buy food.

Or boots.

Sometimes you say you are thankful.

Even when you secretly are not.

But that is only sometimes because you see, you really have a lot to be thankful for.

Like friends who know your love of food, in its natural chocolate state.

Friends who you are thankful to have had in your life, even though they were gone far too soon.

The little people who make your life a lot brighter.

Those you hope never leave.

Those you can’t imagine life without.

Love. It really is all you need.

I will be out of town for on Thanksgiving for the first time ever, but I will still be surrounded by love. I am loved and for that I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving.