I only like Christmas songs in July.

Or when baking cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies. With wine. Lot’s of wine.

Not in the cookies of course but as a cooking baking aid.

They will taste better. I promise.

It was this morning while typing away an email, I had to Google how to spell toilet. See it is Toilet not Toliet.

Who knew.

Google that’s who.

It was then I learned Google is to be capitalized. It is no longer just a word but a brand.

Have I mentioned I’m tired?

Ever heard the Christmas song “It’s a marshmallow world?”

I don’t suggest it.

Here’s the thing, I haven’t heard it of late, but guess what is annoyingly floating around in my head.

You got it.

Maybe it’s a sign of tired delirium, or perhaps my bodies cry for sugar?!

Either way, it is a bit much for this Monday morning, It is not only cheery but cheesy.

I don’t do cheery nor cheesy.

In other unrelated news:

I did not go to the gym.

Matter of fact, I have moved very little.

Hormones, lack of sleep, blame what you will but I am l-a-z-y.

I will hit the gym this afternoon, I will shower, I will become a productive member of society.

I swear.