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I have severe issues cutting cabbage.

It scares me.

Today at the store I suckered up to citrus fest.

Heres the problem, I never eat it.

I leave the refrigerator door open. Just because. I simply walk away, do what I need and come back.

I need a 12 step.

I like to make everything pretty. Food. Salt holders. Contents of said fridge. Then I take pictures. Lots of pictures.

The boyfriend bought me the best coffee pot last year

It’s basically art. Did you know making coffee in this requires patience? Patience at 7 am, no thank you.

I don’t eat pigs
Chopping on one however, perfectly acceptable behavior.

I often take pictures of random things.

Clearly, random should be replaced with food.

In sum, I’m Maria. I like to take lots of pictures. Food, people, animal, Santa. If you know me, consider yourself warned.