Let’s talk expensive. Let’s talk about Orbit.

I am obsessed with this stroller/car seat combo.

Here are the compressed stats:

*It’s green. Which means no weird toxins will be encountering your little one.

*It installs in 30 seconds and of course meets all the FMVSS standards.

*You can rotate baby 360 degrees.

*It is made from Aerospace grade aluminum which makes it light and it folds easily.

The list of fabulous is endless of course with a hefty price tag to boot, but I am obsessed with it and am going to give Craigslist a shot to see if we can find it for less. But if not we have a shower coming soon (hint Mom, Dad, Family and Friends!)

Of course all this fabulous-ness comes with a hefty price tag but I think if we look hard enough we can find a nice one on Craigs. And if not we have a shower coming soon, are you listening Family/Friends?!

Until then it’s back to the never-ending crib hunt.