Little M will be here before you know it. Especially before we know it. Time has flown. I am 6.5 months pregnant. 6.5?! How did we get here?!

Don’t really answer that!

Seems like only yesterday, I was drinking beer, staying out late and complaining I was “fat”

These days, my drink of choice is water, my eyes start closing by 11 and rotund seems to describe my belly best. And this time it is not just in my head.

I even bought a Fit Pregnancy at Whole Foods yesterday. Fit pregnancy, sounds like an oxymoron. Not too mention is a total ripoff for an actual subscription, you are after all, only pregnant 9 months. Well closer to 10 but who is really counting?! Nonetheless I am a sucker for mags, and Lucky seems not to be striking my demographic of late.

But the joys of watching my belly move in mysterious ways while lying in bed at night, is one I can’t describe.

Of course there is the fear of the actual birthing process. We can credit “Knocked Up” for emblazoning the look of sheer terror on every womans face. Screaming. Check. Obvious dire pain. Check. Crowning baby head. Check. Check. Check.

Visualize your birth going smoothly, it’s that simple right? Jessica Alba said hers was a zen like experience. Giselles water birth didn’t hurt a bit. Who are these women?! Let’s be honest here, I try to see myself in a state of ignorant bliss but when it comes right down to it, you have to accept the fact it is probably going to hurt and it may not go according to plan. As much as I want a natural birth and have spent months researching all the in’s/out’s, when it comes down to it if baby is in distress I know I won’t care how she gets here, so long as she gets here safely.


Fruit. I bought every kind and type offered at Central Market today. And if you have been to CM you know that is saying a lot. Chocolate has finally come back into the picture. I spent the first few months of pregnancy disgusted at the very thought but it has finally worked it’s way back into my diet. In moderation of course.

Aversions: Meat. Of all kinds. I can still do some fish of sorts but otherwise meat is off the radar. Not that I was a super meat fan to begin with. In fact my mom is and was a vegetarian when she was pregnant with me. I was born 8.9lbs. So I feel okay with taking meat out and just listening to my body for other protein sources.

Aches/Pains: Pretty consistent tailbone/sciatic pain. Not much I have found that helps that. I stay active but could probably stand some yoga in my life.

Energy/Mood: Overall good. I have a little less energy than normal but nothing that has affected my day-to-day routine too much. Although I do fall asleep earlier at night. As for my mood, I am usually quite tolerant however I found that those levels are fall less these days. And crying spells happen and for not too much reason. Like maybe when your husband says he is going to help someone move for a bit. And he is only going down the street. That is total reason to cry. I think anyone would agree.

Weight gained: 5-6 lbs I don’t officially look pregnant just bloated. Although I swore to Scott the other day I did in fact look pregnant. Most people however can’t tell.

Odds and Ends:

We are in the process of switching to a Doctor Midwife group. I love my doctor but really desire a natural birth, which he is fine with but who knows who will be on call in the throes of the Holidays. We have interviewed one group and the hospital that goes with and will be interviewing the other group next week.
I am confidant we will both feel more at ease with midwives no matter the group.

Off for a chilly walk, then to start my day!