The crib….

Has arrived.

There was much crib related discussion between myself and Husband. And also of course myself and EVERYONE who would listen. What my heart, okay my champagne taste wanted was this:

Too bad our baby budget didn’t agree.

The compromise:

As featured on project nursery.

My only real hesitancy was the color. Otherwise the Walmart crib is supposed to be non-toxic, not made of particle board etc. All the things you want, so your baby isn’t swimming in toxicity. I was just terrified the color was going to end up more blue than gray. And our little girls room is already gray with a hint of blue. And by hint sometimes I just want to flick my wrist, instantly repainting it a lesser blue-gray. But the color has such a fabulous name: Dior Gray. And everyone knows you pick a color based on its name (when you are me) I do think once it comes together as a whole all will be just fine. No sense in drowning her in total pink-ness right?!

More to come hopefully this weekend after it is fully assembled and not simply still in a semi dismembered box of which someone couldn’t stand not to open. The only problem being is that same someone is not “allowed” to lift heavy items.

Guess that’s what husbands are for.